Industrial Partitioning

Boldman’s range of partitioning profiles is used for all types of partition walls in factories and offices. The modular nature of the product allows for the manufacture of partitions of any size or shape.

Partitioning is manufactured from a range of specifically designed aluminium profiles comprising blend profiles, clamp profiles and frame profiles. The aluminium enclosures and guards are constructed to customer requirements using various infill materials such as polycarbonate, plywood, aluminium sheets or bullet proof glass, which provide total safety to operators and observers both in and out.

Various parts are available so that your application can be built to your design and requirements, such as:

  • Sliding doors & Bi-fold doors
  • Single & double doors, lockable
  • Various protection panels
  • Lower & upper door stops
  • Safety switches
  • Protection wall latches
  • Mounting feet & support legs
  • Door jam profiles
Perimeter Guarding

Easy and inexpensive, the Boldman guarding system gives you maximum flexibility and versatility for your money.

Our safety zone panels can be installed to meet even the most stringent standards, and are ideal for perimeter guarding, machine enclosures and factory fencing.

Specifying a perimeter guard built using Boldman’s safety zone system is very easy and often does not require a site visit for a budget price to be produced.

Boldman’s panels come pre-assembled or tailor made to suit most requirements. With these panels and ready to use components it is easy to plan your installation: all that is required are the perimeter and height dimensions and door specifications, whether hinged, sliding, lifting or bi-folding.

Aluminium Modular Enclosures

Manufactured from a range of specifically designed aluminium profiles and fittings, our aluminium modular enclosures are constructed to customer requirements and incorporate a variety of glazing, synthetic panels and woven mesh materials.

Benefits include:

  • Free standing enclosures
  • Unlimited enclosure length & width
  • Engineered, multi-layer labyrinth system
  • Flexibility to innovate with designs
  • Simple installation of additional components, thanks to standard T-nuts
  • Fast moving roll up, horizontal/vertical rolling or sliding doors
Work/Office Modular Enclosures

Designed and built to customer requirements, the Boldman range of aluminium work cabins and offices provides those with management duties a clean, comfortable environment within the workplace, while retaining a 360 degree field of vision to ensure they remain in contact with their workforce.


Boldman has built a variety of different sized aluminium cabinets for many industries: for example we supply the tobacco industry with smoking cabinets for their precision test and measuring equipment. We can also build cabinets for applications from acoustics to laboratories, using our closed aluminium profiles to give a smooth finish.

We offer a choice of the following:

  • Polycarbonate/perspex/cellulose/dibond infill panels
  • Graphics of various colours
  • Handles/hinges/castors/feet
  • Removable doors/panels
  • Magnetic/ball door latching systems
Welding Booths & Screens

Boldman designs, manufactures and installs bespoke welding cells and protected work areas, for example those we create for aerospace workers. Manufactured from a range of specially designed aluminium profiles and fittings, the enclosures provide total safety to operators and observers both in and out of the cells.

Screens, booths, walls or partitions are provided to stop any arc radiation reaching the eyes of others working or passing through the area. Flexible translucent plastic materials are used, which positively filter out UV glare and other harmful blue-white radiation.





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