Aluminium profile system
Aluminium Work Platforms

Boldman manufactures an almost unlimited variety of access platforms and work platforms on site in Bolton, UK.  Built using our aluminium profile system, the work platforms range from simple, standardised podium steps all the way to fully bespoke and innovative platforms in response to customer needs.  With many years experience in supplying bespoke access and working platform solutions to UK industry, we are continually developing new ideas.  We do not have a standard range allowing us to be completely flexible.

Our cost-effective working platforms can be any size or shape, mobile or fixed, indoor or outdoor, and retain their structure and appearance for years without maintenance. They are flexible, versatile and robust with options including different walking surfaces, handrails, toe-boards and castors.

Health and safety is a major factor when working at height, and all our work platforms are fully compliant with stringent regulatory standards. We have been keeping people safe at work for over a decade.

Work platforms & Access Platforms

We can offer aluminium access platforms in any configuration and to our customers’ exact specification.  Our access platforms also have a comprehensive range of accessories. Our modular, maintenance free access platforms retain their structure and appearance for years.

Working platforms 

Working platforms manufactured from a range of modular aluminium profiles and accessories are assembled to create unlimited configurations to meet customer requirements.  Working platforms can be used for permanent or temporary solutions.

Maintenance platforms

These maintenance work platforms are ideal for carrying out high access maintenance work safely and can be adapted to meet a wide range of requirements and applications.

Vehicle Access Platforms

Designed for servicing, repair, maintenance or supervisory use during loading and unloading from vehicles. When working at height from a flatbed vehicle, employees need protection.  We work closely with customers to develop the most suitable means of protecting staff and meeting safety regulations.

Height adjustable work platforms

Also referred to as mobile elevated work platforms or power operated working platforms. The durable work platforms are fitted with lockable steering castors and stabilisers, ground locks, handrails and stairs that have variable inclinations.

Platform steps and stairs

Platform steps and stairs can have safety gates to prevent the worker falling of the platform.  They are provided with non slip surfaces and use a modular hand railing system which consists of 40mm diameter aluminium tube and cast fittings to provide complete safety for the user.

Working at height platform

Our platforms offer the very highest safety standards for working at height.  Manufactured from aluminium profile they can be made to our customers exact specification and provide a cost effective solution to the working at height regulations.

Bridging platform

Bridging steps or platforms are primarily used for access over conveyor lines or any type of production line. These work platforms feature a range of non-slip surfaces with stairs either side and hand railing to one side or both sides of the platform is optional as are safety access doors.

Sliding Platform

Designed for London Underground, this laterally moving sliding work platform was created for cleaning train windows.  We can provide bespoke train access platforms, access steps and train maintenance steps all made to customers specification.

High level platforms

These 12 meter high towers manufactured from our profile system comprising of an aluminium framework, complete with 2500KG shroud box and integral platforms. These high level work platforms provide extra space for working and ease of access for maintenance.

Folding platform

This wheeled folding mobile access platform was designed to be both sturdy and manoeuvrable with profile side rails. Specifically designed to fit through doors into a room, it consists of mobile steps with a fold down work platform using gas struts.

Apex frame platform

Built for EDF Energy, this apex frame work platform allowed roof access to enable two workers to go up each side and replace glass skylights.  This provides users with a safer working position.

Drawbridge platform

This working platform was a bespoke design for London Underground, to create a bridge between two railway platforms. Built with a hand winch and pulley system operation, with fixed aluminium side rails and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) tread plate decking. 

Pulling rig platform enclosure

This enclosure platform was built to access pipe work at height in a training area.  The upper work platform is required to support up to five people plus equipment. The bespoke platform was constructed using aluminium profiles and accessories.

Dock Systems for the aerospace industry

Designed for the installation, servicing and inspection work on all types of aircraft structures. With up to three working levels, height adjustable platforms and access via stairs to all levels, the docking platforms are fitted with protective edges and kick rails.

Service access platform

Built for steam trenches and difficult to reach areas, this type of bespoke platform provides safe and reliable access.  We can provide bespoke access platforms customised to suit most requirements.


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