Aluminium access solutions to the Aerospace Industry

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Modular, robust and reconfigurable, the Boldman aluminium profile system is providing solutions for a diverse range of applications in machine building and associated industries.

Aluminium profiles are used extensively across a range of industries, providing a solution for designers and machine builders that enables rapid construction of machine frames, guarding systems and so much more.

Having been designed for rapid and accurate processing, the aluminium profile system can be constructed both quickly and effectively. Furthermore, the modularity of the system and the type of construction process used provide a cost-effective retro fitting or modification solution for designers and manufacturers throughout industry.

The patented modular tooling system uses a range of aluminium profiles and accessories that provide the industry with a reconfigurable alternative to steel assembly structures, jigs and fixtures.


To meet design requirements, the company uses standard products to provide bespoke solutions, resulting in the adoption of its framework systems by machine builders in all manner of industries – including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, packaging, audio-visual, rail and nuclear.

Our solutions can be used in a multitude of applications, including

  • aluminium work platforms and maintenance platforms
  • working at height access solutions
  • machine building systems and frames
  • machine guarding and enclosure systems
  • conveyor systems
  • industrial partitioning
  • linear systems such as motion actuators and slides
  • work stations
  • modular tooling jigs and fixtures
  • bike & smoking shelters
  • media LED screen supporting structures

This mobile access platform is an example of how Boldman construct products using their aluminium profile system.  It is built from standard profile which is bespoken to your requirements; this platform has been mounted on lockable castors and features non slip fibre glass grating steps and safety handrails.

Boldman offer design, build and installation services using an extensive range of components.  The Boldman profile system is simple, fast assembly with no welding, alignment or painting requirements making this an ideal solution for many applications.