Bespoke Machine Guarding

Bespoke Machine Guarding


Long-standing customer Wittmann Battenfeld, part of the Wittmann Group is one of the largest manufacturers of robots and automation systems for the plastics industry worldwide.  Wittmann Battenfeld contacted Boldman with a requirement for a machine guarding cell to protect a robotic machine for a customer operating in the medical industry.

The machine guarding was required to be of a lightweight design, provide excellent visibility of the machinery enclosed and be robust enough to withstand the rigors of an industrial factory.


Boldman’s team of engineers worked in close consultation with Wittmann Battenfeld to design and manufacture a bespoke guarding cell.

It was made from 40mm x 40mm aluminium extrusion with a 6mm transparent polycarbonate infill.  It was partially built in eleven separate frames allowing it to be transported in flat-pack form and built on-site at Wittmann Battenfeld customer’s site.

The smooth clean surface of anodised aluminium profiles and polycarbonate keeps personnel and equipment safe and secure whilst providing a clean and aesthetic appearance.


The project was completed on time with the machine guarding delivered and built on-site at Wittmann Battenfeld customer’s industrial site.  It is used to guard an injection-moulding machine that is being de-moulded by a Robot. The additional safety feature of a mechanised door was added to ensure users are only able to enter the enclosure when the machinery is not in operation.